The Wellness Section is dedicated to promoting well-being and fostering fellowship as we prioritize our health and happiness. 

Our gatherings will take place on the first Sunday of the month.

Section chairs: Ellen Dryden & Sonia Sahgal

November 5 at 9AM: Join us at the Centennial Lakes Park Labyrinth for a morning of reflection and gentle exercise. We will delve briefly into the labyrinth’s ancient design meant for meditation, before embarking on its winding path. Post meditation, we will stroll along the Edina Promenade.

January 7th at 10AM: "Dive into new beginnings" at Edinburgh Park Pool. This refreshing experience promises a fresh start and camaraderie as we embrace the new year together.  Swimming skills are necessary. Don’t miss this invigorating start to 2024! Cost $10 admission fee.

February 4th 8:45-9:45AM: Enhance your yin & yang movements by refining flexibility through the practice of Tai Chi, incorporating stretching and focused breathing exercises into your daily routine at the Morningside Church Basement.  Instruction by Jean Jenz.

March 10th 9AM-10:30AM: Simon Parish, founder of Northeast Tea House will help us discover a myriad of health benefits as you indulge in the diverse selection of teas at a personalized tea house.  From antioxidant-rich green teas to calming herbal blends, each sip contributes to overall well-being, offering a delightful and healthful experience. 224 E. Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, cost $30 per person

April 21st 5PM:  Gather for a bountiful feast! Meet at Ellen's home where nourishing meets delicious.  Bring you favorite healthy dish or beverage with copies of the recipe to share with fellow wellness members. Bring ideas for next years itinerary.

May 19th 9AM: Join us at Richardson Nature Center for a morning of forest bathing allowing nature to enhance your well-being through sensory exploration, mindful observation, and a deep connection with the natural surrounding. Clothing optional ;), j/k of course.