MWC members are selected to serve as hosts or helpers during our scheduled luncheons/evening events

Host Responsibilities: 

A member of the club serves as a host for each general meeting. She is responsible for selecting the table décor and coordinating the 10-15 additional club members assigned to serve as table helpers (see next page for monthly assignments). The host will be reimbursed up to $6 per table for any costs associated with the table décor. (Receipts must be submitted to the treasurer.) 

The host should contact the helpers one week prior to the meeting via email to remind them of their commitment. If a helper cannot attend her assigned month, it is her responsibility to find a substitute. 

Helper Responsibilities:

  1. Arrive by 11:30am for luncheons and 6:00pm for evening meetings unless otherwise directed.

  2. Help set up tables/assist in kitchen if needed 

  3. Select a specific table to sit at and serve

  4. Serve plated food one table at a time

  5. Replenish coffee and water throughout the   

      meal and assist with other needs 

  6. Clear plates/clean table after program is  


Host/Helper Assignments

September 18, 2023 Evening Meeting – Host Betsy Pfeifer

Helpers: Margaret A.   Melanie B.   Gretchen B.   Pamela B.   Karen B.   Kim O.   Joni B.

October 23, 2023 Luncheon Meeting – Host Libby Cecchi

Helpers: Carolyn S.   Anne B.   Nancy B   Allene B.   Hellen B.   Merideth C.   Jamie C.   Theresa C.   Barb L.

November 13, 2023 Luncheon Meeting – Host Hillary Clayburgh

Helpers: Jane S.   Chelsea I.   Tara C.   Pat C.   Jennifer C.   Susan C.   Ann Marie C.   Mary Kay R.

January 22, 2024 Luncheon Meeting – Host Megan Feeney

Helpers: Diane B .  Mary Ann B.   Trisha F.   Karen G.   Liz G.   Liz G.   Susan P.   Margi M.

February 12, 2024 Luncheon Meeting – Host Jane Slade

Helpers: Mab N.   Mercedes G.   Stacy H.   Liz H.   Cindy H.   Meg G.   Nancy J.   Connie W.

March 11, 2024 Luncheon Meeting – Host Annika Joy

Helpers: Barb J.   Jan J.   Jan U.   Peggy Joyce P.   Heidi J.   Alyssa K.   Carolyn H.   Deb Lantz

April 22, 2024 Evening Meeting – Host Susan Marcich

Helpers: Kate T.   JJ M.   Ruth V.   Aimee M.   Marion M.   Sue S.   Betsy P.   Kris P.

May 20, 2024 Luncheon Meeting – Host Sarah Hardy

Helpers: Kris M.   Rachel L.   Karen S.   Jodi N.   Nicki W.   Paolo C.   Catherine O.   Nancy M.